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Become a Member of ITLA

ITLA is a network of people and communities from more than 60 countries around the world. Our community lives strictly connected with the energy of its members, their ideas and their desire to promote activities and share research. Taking part in this vibrant international association offers benefits for conferences, a global space to collaborate with colleagues and professionals, and a learning space for improving your skills, ability and reputation.

Membership benefits

Membership in ITLA includes:

  1. Free access to all the sections and resources of the ITLA website, including members-only forums and directory.
  2. Free access to specialized webinars with informative, educational or practice focused content organized by ITLA.
  3. Discounted fees for conferences, summer courses, and workshops organized by ITLA and its affiliate organizations.
  4. Opportunity to participate in collaborative research activities, publications, exchanges, collaborations, and study visits fostered by ITLA.
  5. Opportunity to share research projects, publications, peagogies, practices and other members’ activities (after peer review).
  6. Access to information relating to research project tenders, study visits, vacancies, and other activities relevant to the interests of ITLA members.
  7. Access to information for conferences, webinars and other activities of affiliate organizations as well as organizations with similar goals.

Join Now

Premium Annual

Individual membership renewed on an annual basis.

  • Includes all member benefits.

Premium 3-year

Individual membership renewed every three (3) years.

  • Includes all member benefits.


Individual membership for undergraduate, graduate students + 2 years after graduation.

  • Includes all member benefits.


Organizational membership for universities, research centers or institutes, consultancies and companies. Membership allows assigning up to five (5) members of their faculty or staff as premium members.

  • Includes all member benefits at the individual level.


Organizational membership for non-profit professional associations interested in working together with ITLA and reciprocating member status and benefits.

  • Includes all member benefits at the individual level.

Life – Charter

Individual membership at a one-time fee. Charter member is presented to life members who join during the inaugural year of the Association.

  • Includes all member benefits.

Membership Conditions:

Membership in ITLA is offered on a rolling basis and, except for Premium 3-year and Life – Charter memberships, expires one (1) year from the date of joining or renewal. Premium 3-year memberships expire three (3) years from the date of joining or renewal. Life – Charter memberships never expire.

Members may end their membership at any time and may continue to use the their membership benefits until the expiration of their current membership term. The membership fee is not refundable.